Crowdfunding is a method of getting finance by sourcing small amounts from a relatively large number of people rather than getting large amounts from one or a few. While this is something that has a long history it has become increasingly popular recently in its modern form of online crowdfunding. This allows individuals or organisations to source funds from anyone via a website or crowdfunding ‘platform’.

Crowdfunding platforms host fundraisers’ pitches and facilitate the transfer of money directly from the funders to the fundraiser. They usually perform some level of vetting before allowing pitches on the platform and are generally open for anyone to contribute funds. In some cases, especially equity crowdfunding, only certain individuals are allowed to commit capital due to the high risk nature of equity investing in unlisted companies. Fees are charged to either the fundraiser, funder or to both.  

This directory lists live sites that facilitate direct fundraising for projects and businesses (but not individuals) in the UK